Dissolve Anxiety Protocol™

The Dissolve Anxiety Protocol™ is designed specifically to  rapidly and permanently dissolve several forms of anxiety, with information,  steps and support from me to achieve absolute freedom from disordered anxiety, replacing it with calm, confidence and self trust.    

Rapid, Flexible and Discreet Tools to Dissolve Anxiety, Anywhere, Anytime within Minutes

Step by Step, Easy to Implement Strategies that Work

Here is everything you receive for your investment of just $27:

Strategy 1: Anxiety Relief Breath Shifter (Value $47)

Strategy 2: Rapid Relief Tap Sequence (Value $47)

Strategy 3:  Anxiety Relief  Thumb Squeeze (Value $47)

Strategy 4: Anxiety Pattern Interrupter (Value $47)

Strategy 5: Bubble Gum Anxiety Removal  (Value $47)

Strategy  6:  Anxiety Clutter Dumpster (Value $47)

Strategy  7: Empowerment Triple Play (Value $47)

Bonus:  Happy Place Hypnosis for Instant Relaxation (Value $97)

Bonus: Insomnia Antidote (Value $67)

Bonus: Procrastination Dissolve (Value $97)

Total Value $850

What People Are Saying:

Melissa is the best!!! The tools and techniques she teaches has transformed my life. She is so caring and helpful and has helped me through some major life changes, both personally and professionally. I highly recommend Melissa, I believe anyone and everyone would benefit working with her.

Dannielle J.

Melissa is absolutely amazing! I suffered from paralyzing fear, anxiety, self loathing and was just unable to grasp the idea that I had any value as a person. Melissa changed all of this for me and now I am confident, positive thinking, strong and healthy! I have lost 30lbs, my overall health has improved tremendously and best of all, I truly believe I am worthy and wonderful! Melissa is absolutely just amazing and talented at what she does for people! I highly recommend her to everyone! I would give her ten stars!P

Shae Q

Melissa is actually unreal. I highly highly recommend going to her for life coaching and hypnotherapy.I was in a place of extreme confusion and she helped get me to exactly where I have always dreamt of being. She cares about her clients, and gives her full effort and energy in every interaction you have with her. I don’t know where I would be without having worked with Melissa. 11/10 experience! If you are seeking any type of advice or how to get to where you want to be in life, Melissa is your answer.

Jesse G.

$27.00 USD